Same Day CEREC Crowns

Restoring Your Teeth with a Dental Crown

In a variety of circumstances, we will suggest fixing your tooth with a crown. A dental crown is a covering that is placed over a tooth or implant. Crowns help to preserve, restore and improve the strength of teeth. Because they are placed over the tooth, they help to save part of the natural structure which eliminates the need for an implant.

Get Teeth Fixed in Just One Visit

For anyone who has had to deal with replacements for broken or chipped teeth, you know what an ordeal it can be. The entire process takes weeks — from the time you have an impression taken and receive a temporary crown until the time you return to be fitted with the permanent crown. With our technology, those days are gone. You no longer have to worry about gooey gels, impressions, repeated office visits, and long recovery times. If you need a new crown, you can get it in just one visit to our office.

Our CEREC Crown Technology

Using CEREC state-of-the-art technology, we can custom create a crown for you in about 90 minutes. You can actually watch as the machine sculpts your CEREC crown. Made from ceramic materials, the CEREC crown is actually stronger and healthier for you than traditional crowns. We take your measurements and they are handled with the most sophisticated CAD/CAM technology which makes fittings easier and faster. Less drilling is required, which also means fewer injections. All of these benefits lead to a much faster recovery time. To see how CEREC works, click here.

Signs You May Need a Crown

You may need a dental crown if:

  • There is a crack in your tooth
  • You have a chipped or broken tooth
  • You are getting a root canal (a crown is typically put on after the procedure)
  • Your tooth is severely decayed or weak

Advantages of CEREC technology

There are many benefits to our CEREC crown procedure:

  • Complete restoration in just one office visit
  • Metal-free materials
  • Customized fit using CAD/CAM technology
  • Custom color to match your teeth
  • Materials most similar to real teeth
  • Materials chemically bond to your teeth

Caring for your Crown

Crowned teeth don’t typically require a ton of extra care. When the procedure is over, you should just treat the crown as you would your natural tooth. Ensure you are maintaining proper oral health care by flossing once daily, brushing once daily and scheduling regular dental appointments so we can keep an eye on the crown. Be careful with extremely sticky foods, such as caramels or taffy, which could dislodge your crown.

The average life of a crown is about 10 years but if cared for correctly, one could last you a lifetime. If at any time your crown feels loose, broken or cracked, make sure to call our office immediately so we can take a look.

If you are in need of a crown and you need it fast, call us at 440.366.3325 to see how our CEREC technology can benefit you.

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